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Accessibility, Climate, & Infrastructure

Trujillo - Otuzco - Agallpampa - is accessed from the city of Trujillo, capital of the Region, far from Lima to 560 Km, across the road Carabamba - Machacala with a total of 126 Km and 4 hour van ride. Detour's Carabamba - Machacala with a total of 110 Km can also be accessed by Viru road.


The climate of the area is characterized by being mostly dry between April and November. The rainy season normally lasts from December to March each year. In the dry season, the temperature climbs to 26 ° C during the day and reaches a minimum of 8 ° C during the night.


The city of Trujillo is nearby and able to provides multiple services, experienced workforce, materials and mining equipment rental. In addition to having an airport, Trujillo offers various hotels, restaurants, clinics and a hospital.  Trujillo offers daily flights to Lima. The city of Carabamba offers food and various accommodations and services.

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