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VISION.  Affinity Gold’s vision is to be counted among the world’s top mining companies by virtue of the Company’s financial success, its eco-conscious mining innovations, its socially responsible practices, and its cooperative relationships with local government and residents of the communities in which the Company operates.



MISSION.  Our mission is to acquire and develop economical mining projects that provide near-term production which results in significant revenues and ultimately provides increased value for Shareholders.


Our niche market will be small and medium footprint mining concessions that allow for economically feasible mining development and production with minimal net environmental impact when employing industry best practices. In addition to direct acquisitions, Affinity Gold Corp. plans to complement its growth through strategic joint ventures and partnerships where appropriate.


Our strategic selection of small to medium targets are uniquely beneficial:


  • Projects can become revenue producing in a relatively short period of time

  • Overall startup costs are less of a burden

  • Once started, projects can quickly self-fund future development

  • Environmental impacts can be managed and minimized

  • Community relations and support tends to be easier to build and maintain

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