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Building A Future Through Production.

Affinity Gold Corporation (OTC: AFYG) is establishing itself as a significant player in one of the largest mineral producing countries in the world – Peru. Our focus is the acquisition and development of junior near-term mineral productions sites that have significant potential but have been overlooked or fallen prey to the world’s economic downturn. Our intent is to create a brand new model for mining that actually improves the impurities in the earth left by previous harmful mining practices, and to conduct business in ways that benefit the people of the region and country.


At present, the Company is involved with three high-grade Peruvian mineral projects. These prime sites have met these essential requirements:


  • Site can be production-ready in 18 months or less

  • Production history and potential is supported with authentic data, assessments and on-site workings

  • Site has significant upside exploration potential

  • Project requires less than $3M to initiate production

Cambalache Project - Huancavelica, Peru

Affinity’s newest announced project is named the “Cambalache Project,” and is currently in production and generating revenue. Cambalache is a 54 hectare (133 acre) hard rock lead (Pb), Silver (Ag), and Zinc (Zn) project located in Lircay District, Angarares Province, Huancavelica Department, Peru. This area is well established as a high-producing silver district. Though Cambalache is small in land size, the grades and production potential make it a project with impressive economic potential. Conservatively, the project has three identified veins with an estimated resource potential of 1.35 metric tons at $542/T totaling $731.7 million in value.


Carabaya Project - Puno, Peru

The Company’s wholly-owned “Carabaya Project” located in the Inambari River basin, Puno, Peru, is 500 hectares in size (approx. 1,235 acres) with technical studies performed in 2007, 2008 and 2009.  The last technical report produced in 2009 by Eng. Robert W. Laakso  estimated a total gold resource of 2,092,132 ounces:


Measured  =  36,432oz.

Indicated   =  235,900oz.

Inferred     =  819,800oz.


Machacala Project - La Libertad, Peru

The Company’s second project called the “Machacala Project” is located in La Libertad, Peru.  It is a gold and silver low-sulphidation, epithermal deposit with past production history. The project has substantial historical data showing a total of 13 identified veins and over 210,000 metric tons of tailings. In addition, 210,000 metric tons of tailings contain economically viable grades of gold and silver estimated at $26 million USD gross revenue ($1500/oz.).  The hard rock underground potential for Machacala is estimated between $2-$3 billion USD.  Machacala can begin producing from its 210,000 metric tons of tailings almost immediately.

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