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Carabaya Project

The Carabaya property is located along the Inambari River Basin in the Puno region of southeastern Peru. Archaeological researchers have claimed that the source of gold adorned by the Incas was from the Eastern slopes of the Andes Mountain range. The Inambari Madre De Dios River system is relatively close to Cusco, Machu Pichu, and other Inca ruins, suggesting that this area may have been mined for centuries. In 1860, explorers found gold in the Rio Madre de Dios area, and later in the 20th Century, the Corps of Mining Engineers catalogued this river as being rich in gold.


Currently there are 'illegal miners' all along the river and well upstream from the property indicating that the river banks, as well as the terraces, are auriferous and beg to be explored and mined. 'Illegals', who are using very poor mining methods, are producing 1kg (2 lbs; 3.27 oz.) of gold per day directly across the river from the Carabaya property.



APRs concession rights ownership is acknowledged through the issuance of Certificate No. 799602006 INACC-UADA, issued by Peru's National Institute of Concessions and Mining Cadastre.  The certificate was granted in October 2006 and later published and dated on December 11, 2006.

Project Carabaya

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