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Cambalache Project

Cambalache is Affinity Gold Corp.’s third project and the Company’s first site to be in production and generating revenue.


  • 54 hectare Lead and Silver property (currently looking to expand further)


  • Currently in production, Peru


  • Location: Huancavelica Department


  • 12 km from Buenaventura’s famous Julcani Mine


  • Historical silver area since 1572


  • 519 km from Lima


  • Easily accessible via Pan-American and Libertadores highways



It is located in the Cordillera Occidental, the West Andes, which is the lowest in elevation of the three branches of the Andes Mountain range. The site is 519 kilometers (322 mi.) from the capital city of Lima and sits at an elevation between 3466-4790 meters above sea level (11,371-15,715 ft). It is only 12 km (7 mi.) from Buenaventura’s famous Julcani Mine, historically demonstrating that there is abundant silver in the area.


The Cambalache Project, while at this time is only 54 hectares (133 acres), is a highly productive hard rock project with lead, silver and zinc deposits. Expansion of the site is currently under review.



This part of Peru was discovered around 1572 by the Spanish Conquistadors. They were attracted to this area because of its abundant natural resources. By 1762, the area was flooded with people who had contracted the “fever of wealth and prosperity.” Mining gained momentum when the world famous Julcani silver mines were discovered in the area.

Project Cambalache

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