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Cambalache Project Highlights
  • Currently in production from one level with a second in development

  • Project is generating revenue

  • Three identified low sulfidation veins with demonstrated dimensions:

    • Widths: 0.5 m – 10 m

    • Lengths: 500 m

    • Heights: 250 m

  • Reported grades:

    • Lead (Pb): 11%/ ton

    • Silver (Ag): 15 oz/ ton

    • Varying levels of Zinc (Zn) and Copper (Cu) as potential products


  • Reported high grade Silver (Ag) ore shoot was developed at depth. In the late 1980’s, direct shipping ores were produced (200 oz – 500 oz/ ton; (*to be confirmed).

  • Project has mining, environmental, social, and plant permits

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