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Accessibility, Climate, & Infrastructure

The nearest major airport is in Puerto Maldonado, Peru, 60 km (37 mi.) from Peru’s southeastern frontier border with Bolivia.


Puerto Maldonado has daily airline service via 737 jets from Lima. The site is accessible by way of 130 kilometers (80 mi.) of pavement along the Trans Oceanic Highway, which is currently under construction. For the remaining 60 kilometers (37 mi.), secondary roads come within a few kilometers of the mine site road. From the mine site access road, there is a year-round river cable crossing for pedestrians as well as a boat landing for crossing the Inambari by way of canoes, boats and barges when the river flow is suitable. Driving from Puerto Maldanado to the cable crossing and boat landing takes about 5.5 hours.


The weather is typical of a rain forest. Temperatures range from 25 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius (77 to 95 F.) and the humidity is in the range of 80 to 90 percent. The wet season is from November to March. During this time the roads become impassable and often the fast flowing river is too treacherous to cross safely due to large trees suddenly appearing in the fast flowing waters.

Nearby villages provide small amounts of food and water, as well as labor for site construction and plant operation. The village of Macusani, which is a three hour drive to the South, has hardware stores, fresh food markets, garages supplying fuel, and welding shops. Puerto Maldonado to the North is a city of several thousands and can provide most anything required.


On-site a tent camp is now under construction. It will provide concrete block dormitories, kitchens, and a washing facility. The site has running water at the camp which is taken from a clear water creek. This water is potable for the local people.

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